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Investigating your complaint

19th September 2017

This is the Winter 2017 Plain English Newsletter. Click here to download the newsletter in pdf format.

Investigating your complaint

The Disability Services Commissioner listens to complaints about disability services. Anyone can make a complaint about a Victorian disability service provider.

Investigation is another word for finding out more information about a complaint. There are a few steps that we go through before we investigate.

Step 1:

We will listen to you.

We will also ask questions.

We will tell you how we can help to fix your complaint.

Step 2:

Sometimes the best way to fix your complaint is to help you talk to your disability service.

Step 4:

Sometimes we have a meeting with you and your disability service. You can have your family, advocate or anyone you need for support come along to the meeting.

Step 5:

Sometimes we decide that your complaint needs to be investigated.

How we investigate complaints

Sometimes the Disability Services Commissioner decides to investigate a complaint. This is to find out what happened and what needs to be done. We do 3 things to investigate a complaint:

1 – Make sure that you are safe.

We ask your service what they have done to make sure that you are safe. We also ask them what they will do to make sure everyone is safe.

2 – Find out more information about your complaint.

We speak to the managers. We speak to the support workers. We ask what happened. We ask why it happened. We read documents from the service provider. We do this to find out exactly what happened.

3 – Tell the service provider what they need to do so that it doesn’t happen again.

We give the service provider a list of things they need to do to fix the complaint. We want to try to make sure it doesn’t happen again. The service has to report back to us to show they did what we asked.



We are not an emergency response service.
If you feel under a threat or at risk of abuse ring the police on Triple Zero (000).


Some investigations are about abuse and neglect of a person with a disability. We might need to work with the police. Victoria Police will get involved if a crime has been committed.


You can call us on 1800 677 342 to talk to us about your concerns.




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Melbourne, Victoria, 3000 Australia

Call for enquiries or complaints - 1800 677 342

Email for enquiries or complaints - complaints@odsc.vic.gov.au