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2017 Annual Report in plain English

DSC 2017 Annual Report in Plain English

14th December 2017

Download pdf (405KB)

Every year we write a big report called the Annual Report.

The Annual Report explains what we have been doing. This newsletter contains important information from the 2017 Annual Report.

We will tell you

  • who contacted us
  • what services people made complaints about

We will also tell you how we:

  • helped people with their complaints
  • fixed people’s complaints
  • investigated complaints

Who contacted us

Different types of people contacted us.
People included:

  • people with disabilities
  • parents and families
  • disability service staff.


What services people made complaints about

People had concerns about different types of services.

About half of the concerns were about group homes and other types of homes. There were some concerns about day services and respite services.

People called us about NDIS funded services. This included organisations that do NDIS plans.


We helped people with their complaints

We gave information and advice about complaints

People called our office to tell us that they were not happy with their disability service.

We gave them advice about

  • their right to make a complaint
  • how they can talk to their disability service
    about their complaint
  • how we can help them fix their complaint

922 people called us to ask for advice.

We helped fix complaints about disability services

We spoke with the disability service and the person making a complaint. Sometimes we spoke over the telephone. Sometimes we had a meeting. This is to find a way to fix the complaint.

276 people asked us for help to fix their complaint.


We investigated complaints

Sometimes we had to find out more information about some complaints.

This is called an investigation.
We looked at lots of documents. We interviewed staff. We spoke to people with disabilities and their families. We told the service provider what they had to do to fix the complaint. Sometimes we had to involve the Victoria Police.

We investigated and finalised 16 complaints


Do you have any concerns about your disability service?

You can talk to us about it –  contact us on 1800 677 342.

Download pdf (405KB)


Level 30, 570 Bourke Street,

Melbourne, Victoria, 3000 Australia

Call for enquiries or complaints - 1800 677 342

Email for enquiries or complaints - complaints@odsc.vic.gov.au