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About the Commissioner

Jen Jackson-Hall has been appointed as the Victorian Disability Services Commissioner effective from 12 December 2023.  She has vast experience in the work of DSC and knowledge of the Victorian disability services sector. Jen holds qualifications in investigation, mediation, disability studies and rehabilitation. She has extensive networks and knowledge about complaint pathways for issues relating to inclusion and services for people with disability.

Together with our small team of dedicated staff we are committed to continuing our quality improvement and safeguarding roles as set out in the Disability Act 2006 and to complete the review work referred to us by the Minister.

The Commissioner is an independent oversight body for the Victorian disability sector and has responsibility for handling complaints, oversight of critical incidents, and conducting investigations into allegations of abuse, assault, and neglect.

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The Disability Services Commissioner (DSC) was established in 2007 under the Disability Act 2006 to act as an independent complaints body, providing a free and confidential complaints resolution process. The Disability Amendment Act 2017 enhances the role and powers of the DSC and now allows for greater investigation, inquiry and inspection powers.

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Functions of the DSC

The Commissioner is empowered by Section 16 of the Disability Act 2006 to perform specific functions. These include (amongst other functions):

  1. Assessing, conciliating or investigating complaints relating to disability services
  2. Reviewing and identifying causes of complaints, and causes of abuse and neglect, and suggest ways of removing and minimising those causes
  3. Maintaining a record of all complaints received and investigations conducted, and publishing information about these complaints and investigations
  4. Providing advice, inquiring or investigating matters referred by the Minister or the Secretary
  5. Providing education and information about the prevention and resolution of complaints, and the prevention of and responses to abuse and neglect
  6. Conducting research into complaints, abuse and neglect in disability services

Powers of the DSC

Section 17 of the Disability Act 2006 sets out powers the Commissioner may use in performing functions under the Act, including:

  1. Consulting with any persons or bodies which the Commissioner considers appropriate
  2. Developing and suggesting ways of implementing procedures for dealing with complaints relating to disability services, and preventing and responding to abuse and neglect of people with a disability
  3. Providing advice on any matter relating to complaints, accountability investigations, and the prevention of and response to abuse and neglect in disability services
  4. Seek information about complaints systems, and any systems in place to prevent and respond to abuse and neglect

In addition to the above functions and powers, the Commissioner also has the power to conduct Commissioner initiated investigations (s. 128B), appoint Authorised Officers who have the power to visit and inspect premises of disability service providers (s. 132B), and more. For more information about the work of DSC, please see What We Do.

To read the Disability Act 2006 in full and understand more about DSC functions and powers, you can visit the Victorian Legislation and Parliamentary Documents website.

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