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Annual Complaints Reporting Tool

Annual Complaints Reporting Tool

Disability service providers, registered and/or regulated (or funded and contracted) under the Disability Act 2006 in Victoria need to report to the Disability Services Commissioner every year about the number, types and outcomes of complaints received, including how they were resolved. Our online Annual Complaints Reporting Tool (ACR Tool) is a free all-in one complaints register and annual reporting tool for service providers.

Access the ACR Tool: www.orima.com.au/acr/


What is the ACR Tool?

The ACR Tool is a free online all-in-one complaints register and annual complaints reporting tool available to your organisation. The ACR Tool can be used for:

  • Meeting your organisation’s legislative obligation to report all complaints received to the Disability Services Commissioner every year
  • Keeping a secure record of all complaints as they are received
  • Recording additional data about complaints, such as information about the individual and specific case notes

When using the ACR Tool to record and manage your complaints, you can be confident that your organisation’s complaints records are securely stored and comply with legislative requirements.

Who can use the ACR Tool?

All regulated disability service providers in Victoria have access to the ACR Tool. The ACR Tool is designed to manage the annual complaints reporting process required of service providers.

If your organisation has a number of people who need access to your complaints register, the ACR Tool can accommodate multiple system users from the same organisation. The main administrator of the tool within the organisation has the ability to add and remove users as needed.

Who is responsible for the data in the ACR Tool?

The ACR Tool is administered by Disability Services Commissioner. The technology and data security is managed by Orima Research, a public sector research and online data system specialist.

In using the ACR Tool, service providers enter into an agreement with Orima Research to store complaints data on their behalf. The full Terms and Conditions of this agreement can be found by contacting Orima Research.

How does DSC use the complaint data?

Disability Services Commissioner does not have access to individual complaints data, and only receives summaries of annual complaints reports at the end of each financial year. This data is published every year in the Commissioner’s Annual Report.

This multi-year data and information on sector wide trends enables us to advise the sector on both time-limited and recurring issues that need to be addressed in order to improve the experience of people with a disability receiving supports.



“[The annual complaints reporting process and online tool has] …

transformed a culture of ‘complaints are a bad thing’ to ‘feedback is good and constructive’.

Disability service provider


‘Disability services complaints data (2007 – 15): What have we learned so far? <https://odsc.vic.gov.au/resources/occasional-papers/>

This data paper uses eight years of data from the Annual Complaints Reporting process to identify important themes for discussion, including consumer confidence in speaking up, and the benefits of proactive and sensitive complaints handling.


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