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the together project

Let’s make art together and talk about what it means to be safe, happy and respected.

We all want to live in a world where everyone belongs and is respected. But do you know what this feels like for those around you? One way is to ask. Not just once, but many times.

We’re using wrap art to open up these conversations between people with disability, family members, friends, and people who work in disability services. Talk to each other and share what it means to you to be safe, happy, and respected. At the same time, wrap your thoughts into beautiful artworks for safekeeping (inspired by the artist Judith Scott).

Let’s make art together! You can make art in your home, disability service or your workplace.

The together project art exhibition was held between 4-27 February 2019 at The Project Space at Deakin University in Geelong and we are currently seeking opportunities to take the exhibition elsewhere in the state. Do you own an art gallery or know someone who does? Contact us if you can help.

How to make your own wrap art

You can make art with any found objects! See our instructions for tips and hints on how to make your own wrap art using any found objects around you.

View instructions in HTML

Download pdf instruction sheet (1MB)

Watch instructional video

Once you’ve collected all your art supplies, think about which conversation starters you’d like to use when getting creative with family, friends, support workers, staff at your disability service, and more.

Conversation starters

Making art together gives you an opportunity to have conversations with those around you. You can learn more about each other and what makes us all feel safe, happy and respected.

Here are some questions to get you started:

  • What makes you feel happy? I feel happy when….
  • What makes you feel safe? I feel safe when….
  • What makes you feel respected? I feel respected when…
  • What make you feel valued? I feel valued when….
  • What makes you feel cared for? I feel cared for when……
  • What makes you feel equal? I feel equal when…..
  • What does having a say feel like for you? I feel as if I have a say when….

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the together project is a violence and abuse prevention initiative of the Disability Services Commissioner.



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