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VDWC encourages registration of workers in Disability sector

20th October 2023

Tanae is a proudly registered disability worker. And, with a reliable, engaged and invested approach to each of her sessions, those she supports, feel confident that she is the safe choice.

For three years, Tanae has worked closely with Darcy, a 17-year old living with down syndrome, supporting him to do the things he loves, and building his confidence along the way.

Along with getting involved in his favourite activities, Tanae has supported Darcy to overcome fears, like tackling escalators, and build new skills, like using a hairdryer.

For Darcy’s mum, Julie, it’s Tanae’s professionalism and involvement in her sessions with Darcy that makes all the difference.

“You hear stories about other workers who go out and don’t participate with their client – like it’s a babysitting service,” Julie says. “Then there are genuine people like Tanae out there that have Darcy’s, and people like him, wellbeing at heart. That they want to see them achieve.”

Knowing Tanae is a registered disability worker through the Victorian Disability Worker Commission means Julie has even greater confidence that Tanae is the safe choice for her family.

“It shows she’s invested in her training and the quality of care that she gives”, said Julie.

With 1 in 5 Australians living with disability, disability worker registration is designed to make sure people with different needs and vulnerabilities can access safe, reliable services confidently, and live life their way.

Registration increases safeguards across the entire disability sector, ensuring disability workers meet set standards for safety, skills and experience, and continue to meet them every year through professional development. And, it gives workers the opportunity to be recognised for the high-quality services they provide every day.

Registration is currently free, voluntary, increases overall community confidence in the sector and ensures that people with disability can access safe and quality services – no matter how they are funded.

If you use disability services, you can ask your disability worker to become registered.

Disclaimer: The information in this news page was provided to DSC in October 2023 by the Victorian Disability Worker Commission.  It is their story and any queries about the information or registration should be made to VDWC.

More information can be found on this page https://www.vdwc.vic.gov.au/disability-worker-registration 

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