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New resource for the disability sector - Disability Gateway

7th October 2021

The Disability Gateway has information and services to help people with disability, their family, friends and carers find the support they need in Australia.

The pathway to locate and access services across Australia.

The site is relevant to people with a disability, their families and disability support staff, who want to provide the most up to date resource to their clients.

There is an informative welcome video which explains what the Disability Gateway is all about and what information it provides.


Disability Gateway webpage menu options

Disability Gateway web page menu options

Why is this website so fantastic?

At first glance you’ll notice that the website is easy to navigate.

There are ten tabs to choose from which are labelled Areas of life (see image above).

Here’s what I found when I clicked on their Leisure link https://www.disabilitygateway.gov.au/leisure

There’s video of a person explaining  the benefits of leisure activities. He briefly discusses the various areas of leisure including

  • Sports
  • Community programs
  • Traveling
  • Respite

After discussing each topic and what it entails, he explains how to access that area of the website.

After choosing the Community programs tab there is an option to select which state or territory you live in, and from there it’s a straightforward pathway to gaining relevant and up to date information about community program you can get involved in.

All about accessibility

The front page presents with the Disability Gateway phone number (1800 643 787), a number if you require an interpreter and the national relay service number.

There’s an easy read tab which you can ‘turn on’ which enhances the accessibility of the page. This is a great feature and we need to see more websites use similar functions to ensure they remain accessible for everyone.

DSC knows the importance of video content and communication and it was great to see a person signing next to the presenter in the videos. In addition, below each video is the option to read the transcript.

It’s likely that a person with a disability and their support person will obtain lots of interesting ideas and information about various leisure activities which may be of interest. The various search function will empower a broader number of people with disability to be able to make decisions about how and what resources they want to access.

Every aspect of this website is accessible for our community, and we encourage everyone to take advantage of this highly informative website and use it as a resource to find information and supports for people with disability.

Not all the information you may be looking for will be available on the website but they have provided an easy to navigate search function which may be able to help you find this information through their various links and contacts (1800 643 787).

We suggest you save this very helpful and informative resource because we think you’re going to love it.

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