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Increased Oversight of Incident Reports

1st July 2016

The Minister for Housing, Disability and Ageing recently requested that Disability Services Commissioner (DSC) expand our oversight of Category 1 Incident Reports to include all forms of client assault, injury and poor quality of care. This agreement took effect from 1 July 2016.

The purpose of the Ministerial referral is to further strengthen the safeguards for people with a disability through DSC providing an independent review of individual incidents and the extent to which responses to incidents address and promote the wellbeing, safety and rights of the clients involved. The referral also provides for DSC to make recommendations about and monitor systemic improvements in incident review processes.

It is important to note that in undertaking this role, DSC is able to enact the powers of s. 122 of the Act in order to compel attendance or call for evidence and documents in order to carry out its responsibilities in this role.

This independent oversight of incident reports represents an important opportunity to identify practice and service improvements, both on an organisational and a sector level, to better safeguard the rights of people with a disability.

For more information about DSC oversight of incident reports, please click here.


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