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Your right to vote and have your voice heard

27th June 2017

Note from the Disability Services Commissioner: We believe that all people with a disability have the right to have their voices heard. One way this can happen is through exercising your right to cast a vote in your local, state or federal election.

Below, the Victorian Electoral Commission shares some information about how they can support all Victorians with a disability to participate in elections.

Would you like to see more people with a disability actively participating in our democracy? Then call the Victorian Electoral Commission now!

Did you know that the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) can work with your organisation, as well as carers in your community, to support people with a disability to participate in elections?

The VEC is committed to seeing all Victorians actively participating in their democracy. They do this in several ways.

Accessible resources

Resources include the Voting is for Everyone DVD, Easy English materials, Auslan videos and the Voters Voice app. Find out more about these resources: https://www.vec.vic.gov.au/disability/

Free information sessions

The VEC can visit your organisation or group to run an interactive information session, tailored to your group’s needs. At the session you will find out: how our democracy works, how to enrol and vote correctly and what access supports are available for people with disability.

Supporting carers and workers

Service providers and carers play an important role in enabling people with disabilities to participate in elections. It’s a great idea to organise a VEC session for carers or disability support staff in your area so they can find out how to help enable democratic participation for the people in their care.

The VEC also offers information sessions to groups from various cultural and language backgrounds, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, young people and those experiencing homelessness.

Want to work with the VEC?

During election-time there are many casual employment opportunities within the VEC. As an equal opportunity employer the VEC encourages people with a disability to register their interest in working during an election. Find out more: https://www.vec.vic.gov.au/Employment/WorkingAtAnElection.html.

For more information about the VEC’s Education and Inclusion programs: https://www.vec.vic.gov.au/disability/.

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